Rock crusaders Strava

Rock March to all Premier League Stadiums

As we head closer to normality and being able to play football as a team again, we wonder, how long will it take to visit each of the stadiums in the premier league! More importantly, could we visit all of them in a round trip of 1452 km (903 miles) before the lockdown ends?

Players and Family vs the Map

Players and Supporters can log their walks and runs in Strava by joining the Strava Club. All activities logged will count towards the total distance travelled. All activities logged between 10th of March and 31st of March will count towards the total.

Progress will be published regularly that will show our progress as a club!

3 weeks in the challenge means 485 km (301 miles) per week to be covered for us to cover the distance and Win! How many players and supporters can we enlist to cover the distance?!?!

Note: Walking has a multiplier of 0.5 applied. So for every 2 km walk recorded, 1 km will count. This is to encourage running as we get back into the swing of things!

Leg 1 - Best of the South

483 km / 300 miles

Start from Yate on a nice stroll to Southampton. Head to Brighton then north towards the London clubs: Crystal Palace, Fulham, Chelsea, West Ham, Arsenal and Tottenham before heading towards the Midlands: Leicester.

Leg 2 - Crowded Midlands

374 km / 233 miles

Midlands leg starts from Leicester to Aston Villa, West Brom, Wolverhampton before heading up to Manchester City and Manchester United. Head west towards Liverpool and Everton. Then head north to Burnley and Leeds.

Leg 3 - Long way Home

595 km / 370 miles

Having got to Leeds, head all the way up to Newcastle before remembering that Sheffield is still in the Premier League. Then make your way back home to complete the tour.

February Challenge won by Team B