WALL-E inspired robot powered by LabVIEW (2009)

This was a project at University of Plymouth and the videos were recorded at the Project Open Day 2009. All of the software was written in LabVIEW 8.6 with NI Vision to acquire and analyse the images live to draw a 2D map for navigation.

Does the appearance with the lip and cape make you uncomfortable? Or is it outside the uncanny valley?

Testing in the Kitchen - why not!

Show and Tell at the Project Open Day

Grassfire Algorithm

A deep dive into grassfire algorithm for navigation

Stereo Vision

A deep dive into creating a map from two cameras

Project Pitch Meeting

Retrospective from Project conception to completion

Source code

The LabVIEW project with associated files are in the following repository. Feel free to update to latest version or use as is for learning. This was a university project, so be kind to the code :)