Borrow Our veo

We have invested in a camera and subscription to Veo which allows us to record the matches without a need for a camera person to follow the ball or any action and miss it by mistake! The camera we use has a 180 degrees field of view and no moving parts. After the game, the files are uploaded to Veo's server for processing and their software engineers have done an amazing job in the AI engine to create a ball following algorithm. But that's not where it stops. The additional packages allow for further metrics and without geeking out too much, we like what they are doing across the pond.

We are enthused by it and are happy to share our experience. So if you just wanted to trial it and see if it is for your club, get in touch and we will be happy to show you the experience!

Here is an example highlights reel we produced for one of our matches.

Note: this is just the highlights, not the whole match. As a subscriber, you can get your whole team access to the full game, setup a review, draw on screen and focus on individual feedback and a whole lot more!

Buy your own VEO

If you are looking to invest in your own Veo camera, click on this link: to get £200 off either the Veo 1 or Veo 2 camera. Through that link, you can also book a sales call with Veo Sales Team to help you decide what you need.