Projects and Presentations

2023 - Podcast: The LabVIEW Experiment. Talk about different ways we measure success and how making mistakes is key to sustainable growth.

2022 - GDevCon talk in Amsterdam to showcase how we can inspire the next generation of innovators.

2019 - GDevCon panel discussion: how to introduce new members to a team of developers.

2010 - Test the tarmac by driving cars over it or use this machine to test the material.

2009 - Software to control pneumatics for an unbound material testing system. Using pneumatics and a load cell to test the stiffness of different materials. In an effort to reduce the number of potholes on our roads.

2009 - WALL-E inspired robot for 2D map generation and navigation

2008 - Proof of concept to control the mouse using a light source and a camera