Robotics Club


We work with schools and educators to inspire the next generation of engineers! 

We are currently not running any public sessions, but are happy to support any enquiries, so get in touch if you have any queries...


Some parents are unsure about letting their children use technology until they are certain age. Others are perfectly fine breaking the age rating on content. We encourage a pragmatic approach and not one size fits all. Let them explore and you do it with them. The same way you might take your children to ballet or football training and watch them, take them to a robotics club and be a part of their intellectual development!


In 2023, we entered a team for the Bristol Heat of First Lego League and won the award for Innovation.


If 1 adult inspires 1 child to get excited about technology and gets them to think about what feature they would like to see in the next iPad, how they would go about adding this feature, rather than passively just consume the content, we would expand their minds. Its not about what is possible now, but what might be possible tomorrow!

We run robotics clubs in collaboration with teachers following a 6 or 12 week plan. Here is a demo of one of the build and code sessions from our pupils. 

Let them make mistakes

By giving the children a learning space where they can make mistakes and learn, we let them grow into their future self with less boundaries and more possibilities.

By creating a competitive, and collaborative environment, they learn more from each other and retain the experience for longer.