Just Press Play Productions


Build a hexbug

Experimenting with creating a hexbug from an old toothbrush, a broken mobile phone and just having some fun.

Built in December 2017, made it into a song in October 2019.

La La La - QuickDrop Remake

Cannot sing but why should it stop one from having fun?

Quickdrop is a feature in LabVIEW that speeds up coding. La la la happened to be the song that the kids were into at the time.

The Teddys

Elijah (7) and Jonah (5) in their journey about making videos using iMovie on the iPad and expressing them selves through short movies. 

First started in 2017.

The Teddys - Trailer

The Teddys - The Movie

The Teddys 2Gether - Trailer